Lynex TX1200

~~Lynex TX1200 slope mulcher

Lynex TX1200, with its simple construction and low center of gravity, work on slopes up to 55 degrees. The machine is radio controlled and can maneuver at a distance of up to 800 meters. The powerful and wide tracks provide utility machine an extremely high load carrying capacity. It dos  not damage the green and its  can run perfekt in wetlands. In bush and forest areas are branches rejected by the sharp black roll bar that can also be used for lifting and lashing.

Three-point linkage is a Kat.1, and can be connected to all standard tools. The lift arms can be moved laterally, for simple and easy operation. Auto weight transfer and lift level. Can lifting gear over the tracks, which makes the machine extremely manoeuvrable in hilly terrain and driving over ditches. Along with front PTO and hydraulic couplings, there are many applications.


~~Application Areas:

•walls / cliffs

•Water Pools

•Road construction


•Natural areas

Technical Specifications

Type tx                                        TX1200

Kubota turbo disel                               35ps
Weight                                               730kg   
Lengt                                                210 cm
Width                                                150 cm
Height                                                 97 cm
Turning radius                                      0
Runs up hill to                                   55deg
Three point linkage  kat1                 3 pont hich
 PTO shaft – front                            1000 rpm  
 Remote Range 800 m, 2,4 GHertz
 Mover deck                                  1500-2000 cm
 The machine can be modified as needed.
(*Disclaimer for changes in technical specifications etc.)