Lynex TX 1100

The Lynex TX1100 is ‘uncomplicated rock – solid engineering’

Remotely controlled and with a range of up to 800 metres the operator is always in a safe position.

Powered by a 30 PS Kubota diesel motor this high speed flail cuts grass, scrub and vegetation on

banks of up to 60 degrees incline in one pass.

The 1.5 metre wide flail provides maximum output in the most difficult conditions, and wide rubber tracks, precise weight distribution and the Lynex trade mark ‘low centre of gravity’ ensure smooth running on the steepest slopes

without causing damage to the bank surface.

The standard ‘Category 1’ three –point linkage allows the flail head to float with maximum travel independently on either side providing maximum cutting ability without grounding out.


The Cat 1 linkage and standard PTO drive make the Lynex TX1100 an extremely versatile tool carrier providing power to a range of implements on the flat and on slopes.


•Road construction


Application Areas:

•walls / cliffs

•Natural areas

•Water Pools



Technical Specifications

tool carier
Type tx                                        TX1100

Kubota  disel                                      30ps
Weight                                               530kg
Lengt                                                170 cm
Width                                                150 cm
Height                                                 97 cm
Turning radius                                      0

Working gradient:                              60 Degrees
Coupling:                                      ‘Cat 1’  – 3 point linkage
PTO Coupling                               1000 rpm PTO
Remote Range                              800 m, 2,4 GHertz
Mover deck                                     150 cm wide Flail
This machine can be supplied modified to the customer’s requirements

(*Disclaimer for changes in technical specifications etc.)